Denver Colorado New Build Construction Cost Per Square Foot?

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Hi All,

I'm looking into doing a scrape on a larger corner lot, but I've not done a new build before. I am curious if anyone could share (other than Google) their actual costs of a new construction build cost per square foot here in Denver Colorado. Also any advice or other info is always welcome. Thanks!

@Seth Rouch $150 a ft is probably still safe for single family depending on area, square footage and price point (basements less per ft). The cost of construction is rising quickly and making it difficult to pencil deals in some areas. Keep in mind you will want your land cost to be around 20% of your end value in most cases. Time to permits for single family is a couple months with competent architects, 5+ units is taking 11 months in Denver. 

One of the challenges in nailing down a price per foot right now is two fold - everyone has a different idea of the "cost" to build - some will just include the hard number, others provide the all inclusive (demo to doorbell) soft and hard costs - everything excluding land, closing and financing costs. The other piece is the square footage - I am building town homes right now, 1250 sq ft - the cost jumps up because there is no marginal cost savings - just more kitchens and baths per square foot. 

Good Luck!

It's dependant on your end finishes, size, etc. All in you are going to be at $200-$225 a sqft or more especially if you don't have any "friends" in the business. 

Any updates on this cost now 10 months later from the last reply?  I'm looking at scraping my house and building from scratch.  I want some custom features (in the kitchen mostly) that will be more costly, and happy to GC certain things on my own (like finishing out the basement).