Fix & Flip Contractors in Denver Colorado

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Hi All,  I live in the Denver metro area and am getting started with Fix and Flips.  Does anyone have a contractor they have used for fix and flip properties?   I am ideally looking for a tried and true contractor who has experience working with fix and flip investors and can complete renovations reasonably quickly.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.   Thank you in advance!  


Ryan Aimar - Licensed Realtor 8z Real Estate

Anyone that has a good one that works with flippers and is fast and reasonably priced probably isn't giving em out.. Finding on that checks all the boxes is no easy task. 

That said, your best bet is to get on the phone and start networking with contractors and looking at their work (go to their jobs) and finding out their pricing and what they are charging for the flips you're looking at. 

Colorado restoration Services and Craig Patterson (720)253-6332

Demo crews can usually complete their scope in a day or 2. Can cover all trades and specialties. 15-30-45 day flips!

Ryan, a little tip someone taught me about finding contractors. When you have a contractor from one trade that is working out for you, ask who they would use for whatever work you need done in another trade. 

Matt Coffin with MC Home Services  

I have worked for him for a year now as an electrical contractor and he has been very transparent and honest.

Kent Lord with Lord Electrical Services 

Direct message me for details if you would like.

Thanks Kent, I really appreciate the info!  I looked him up and found his website and got his contact info.  Again I really appreciate it.  Once we have acquired a property and are ready to move forward with construction I'll probably reach out to him for an estimate.  


Ryan Aimar