Buyer Agency Contract

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My broker is VERY good. We've been looking for about 10 days. The Buyer Agency contract of 6 pages has a lot of legalese. I'm waiting to hear from him, I want to add language that limits his agency's participation to properties they have brought to me or shown me. So I can run the deals I find myself without their participation. FSBO etc.

"The terms of this contract apply ONLY to properties the Broker brings to or shows to the Buyer."

I think that covers it. Any comments?

Seems reasonable, I'm curious what their reply was. And what the hell the rest of agency contract said?! 6 pages? I've never heard of one that long, longest I've seen was from a realtor we used in Alaska, was 3 pages I believe. 

That certainly seems reasonable to me.  The Maryland Buyer Agency Agreement has a section that specifies the scope of the agreement.  For a retail homeowner client I just put "Residential" in that section in order to cover my basis.  For investors I will either put in the specific property address (for one-off representations) or something general like "all properties for which [insert brokerage name] is the procuring cause"