Transferring Deed from Personal Name to Trust in CO

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Good afternoon - after searching the forums, there is little in the way of recommendations for anyone in the state of Colorado that has used an attorney to draft trust documents and an associated deed to transfer ownership of a private residence out of my personal name. Has anyone done this with a Colorado based attorney that can prepare documents and file with the county? This is simply an asset protection and anonymity strategy. 

@Andrew M. so you should look for attorneys that specialize in real estate and probably creative finance. I know of two that could probably assist you.  Bill Bronchick does it and I think that Greg Parham over at First Alliance Title also does it. I would caution you that this is no way an endorsement and you should do all your due diligence on them like you would from someone you found via a Google search. 

We just used a simple quit claim deed to transfer from my name to our LLC. It should be the same for a trust, but I'm not 100 percent sure

@Drew Fein (at Brown, Dunning, Walker) is an excellent real estate attorney in Denver.  If her area of expertise doesn't overlap specifically with your needs, then I'm sure she has a reference.