Colorado lease Questions

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I am planning on purchasing my first property this year that will be a house hack, however for now I am still renting as I travel for work. 

I have a landlord in Colorado who we agreed in emails that after my lease term we go month to month with 30 day notice if I am to leave. Now they say that doesn't matter and I need to sign more paperwork. Is this actually legal?

Also, this particular person sent me information on every tenant in the building including names, where they live, their rental amounts, and contact info. I don't think I should have this information. This particular person seems like they are trying to do some shady stuff under the guise of the law, and where I am is a small town so there aren't many options. 

Any advice on what I should do? Thanks.

@Justin Calahan

First off, congrats on the potential big step of buying your first place. That's really exciting.

Two things could be true at the same time: 1. This landlord is shady; and 2. You don't have any right to a month-to-month lease. 

Not much matters unless it's in your lease. Read it through, line-by-line. Is there anything that talks about what happens at the end of the initial agreed-upon term? I know our leases in Denver will say explicitly that it goes month to month at X rate.

When does your lease actually end? Do you have time to start the search and buy before then? If not, what about putting your stuff in storage and renting a furnished, medium-term rental after this lease term ends? THat would give you some flexibility during your home search.

I wish you luck!

The 30 day month to month via email would stand up in court.  However, it’s only good on a rolling 30 day timeframe.  So he can change his mind, or, change the terms or make you sign an extension, as long as he gives you 30 day notice.  

Be happy to chat more.