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Excited to get started in North Carolina

Posted Jul 31 2022, 16:10

Hi all,

My name is Lew.  I've had some exposure to real estate investing in the past and am looking to get back into it.

I was an Army officer for six years after college, and bought two properties in 2012 and 2013.  I then started and ran a landscaping franchise before a family situation caused me to abruptly close and move to North Carolina.  That whole process was quite financially disastrous; I sold one home to fund the business and the other to make the move to NC possible on short notice.  I worked in HVAC for a few years, before doing a coding bootcamp and transitioning into software last year.

I'm finally at a level of income and stable finances where we are starting to save for our first investment purchase. I'm reading some of my old books, and picking up new ones. I'm also looking forward to getting involved in a Triad area meetup or two. For now we're focused on saving and education, but within the next year or two we hope to purchase our first SFR.

I personally think the Triad and mountains of NC present great opportunities; WNC for STRs and the Triad for longer term tenants.  Looking forward to participating in these forums and getting going (again!).



Western NC, North Carolina

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