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Shannon Kearns
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New investor/homeowner eager to learn and network 🤓

Shannon Kearns
Posted Mar 15 2023, 08:39

Hi all!

First off, thank you to BiggerPockets for all the amazing content you produce. The handful of YouTubes plus Dave M.'s webinar on multi-family have already taught me so much. đź™ŹđźŹ»

A bit about me:

ATX > Columbus (yes, I made that move). Looking to purchase my first home in Columbus in the next 3-12 months and am interested in a multi-family, so I can tap into house hacking. Really eager to dive deep into this space and learn learn learn. I know very little about buying a home and even less about investing, so to say I'm a "newb" is likely an understatement. That said, I'm a fast learner.  

Areas I'd like to learn about:

- All things about owning your first rental property đźŽ‰

- Top areas and reasons to invest in C-bus. I've never lived here and know little about the neighborhoods. Since I'll be living and investing in the same home, I def need some lessons on neighborhoods.

- Different financing methods, e.g., Partner investing. 

- Property management. I suspect I'll be the prop manager for my first multi, but I'm interested to learn the cost of outsourcing this, as I have quite a demanding job

- Building a roadmap

My goal in investing in real estate:

Like many, I'd love to be less dependent on my salary (eventually, not dependent at all). I work in tech, and I have a very demanding job, and it doesn't match w/ my lifestyle long-term. In 3-5 years, I want to take 6 months off work to pursue my other interests: 1) getting my yoga cert and 2) starting my own e-comm business. To do this comfortably, I'd like a monthly passive income versus having to dip into savings. I also hope to be a snowbird, so I can spend half the year here in Ohio with my family and the other half in warmer areas (San Diego or somewhere in Cali).

So great to meet everyone, and I look forward to connecting!

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