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Munjal Adhvaryu
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Hello from Canada (BC)

Munjal Adhvaryu
Posted Apr 18 2024, 13:08

Hello Everyone,

I just joined BP to learn about investing in the US from Canada. 

I am super new to real estate investing (never invested) so do not know where to start.

I am primarily interested in cash flow properties to start. I also intend to hold assets for long term.  

I intend to build a portfolio of different property types.  

I already have a Canadian Corporation (CCPC) in British Columbia. I don't know which structure would be best in a scenario like mine. 

I am location agnostic but I'd like to start at some level of positive cash flow. 

For the starters, I would like to know:

- Where to start

- Financing options in The US for Canadian investors

- Markets to look for 

- Realtors/Turnkey services

Feel free to ask along any questions you have for me. 

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