Hello BP! Newbie from Southern California

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Hello BP! 

My name is Josh currently live in Apple Valley, with my wife and 3 kids. I am a Fire Captain near Big Bear and am in the process of moving to that area right now. Until then, my 1 hour commute will ensure I catch up on a BP podcast each way. I look forward to meeting new people and learning by doing. My goal is secure my kids future and my retirement as I plan on doing so as early as possible. My 5 year plan is 10 SFR Holds and maybe a flip or two for funding.

I would like to send a special THANK YOU to Josh, Brandon and the great guests on the BP podcast. Your willingness to share your experiences and systems with us is priceless. 1 years ago, i stumbled across the BP podcast in iTunes and since then have been focused on my REI education.


BP Meetup in Big Bear anyone?

Welcome to BP community @Josh Wilkins   It is a great place to meet new friends and learn about various aspects of real estate and more. Here are a few recommendations for you:

Find and connect with other BP members that are in your area: http://www.biggerpockets.com/meet

Set up keyword alerts to be notified of the topics that interest you: http://www.biggerpockets.com/alerts

If you wish to tag someone in the conversation on the forum, type @ followed by their name and then select that person below. He or she will be notified of being tagged so that the conversation will continue.

Wishing you the best! 

Welcome to BP @Josh Wilkins   ! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.

If you want to find events that are going on in your area be sure to check out the Real Estate Events and Happenings area of BiggerPockets. Here you can find meet ups of local BP members or other groups that get together, network, and have education about real estate investing. Some of these events they might try to sell you into a mentoring program or try to sell you something else. In most cases you'll find everything you need here on BP so don't spend any extra money elsewhere. There are many great members here on BP who are tremendous resources of information and will help you greatly. And there are some who are just here to try to sell you something so don't be naive to it. Their true intentions come out eventually.

Be sure to read through the rules of the forums here. How you'll get the most out of BiggerPockets is to understand how to navigate through it and understand that it's a two way street. You'll get out of it what you put into it so become active and help us grow the community and wealth of knowledge that's already here.

If you appreciate a post that a fellow member put up responding to you be sure to say "Thank You!" by casting a vote for it. If you're reading through the forums and a post or response is good or answers another member's question well then cast a vote for it. It's our own version of liking something on Facebook provided you're familiar with that. Simply click the box in the upper right corner of the post!

And lastly I highly recommend becoming a Plus or Pro member of the site and take advantage of all that BP has to offer you. It's like getting the keys to the kingdom. It will be one of the best investments you'll make when it comes your real estate investing.

Again welcome to Bigger Pockets!

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@Josh Wilkins  Welcome to BP! You've definitely come to the right place for all things real estate. You've obviously found the podcasts and know your way around the site. Do you work for Cal Fire or the local fire department?  Are you planning on purchasing any of your properties for vacation rentals, or will they be long term rentals? 

If you have any questions, post and someone will be happy to help! Once again, Welcome! 

Thanks Everyone for the warm welcome!

@Jeff Greenberg    - Jeff, yes definitely look me up when your in town. The weather has been amazing and the fresh mtn. air is calling your name.

@Annette Hibbler    - Thanks Annette, its step one in the Master plan!

@Karen Margrave  - Hi Karen, I work for San Bernardino County Fire Dept. and I am based out of the Fawnskin Station 96.  As for the Vacation Rentals, I have yet to do my due diligence on that versus Long-term rentals.  I am very curious about that market but don't yet understand the model as it pertains to our local resort communities.  Do you have any experience with Vacation rentals in that area?

@Peter Mckernan Peter!!! You were the catalyst to get me re-focused on this dream that we share. (Peter and I worked together the other day and found out we had similar REI goals and both live on BP podcasts while commuting to the station.)

@Josh Wilkins   No I do not have any experience with vacation rentals. I have looked into the concept in the past, considering it for a property we own in Redding, CA, etc., and also considering marketing properties we build in Orange County as VR.  In fact, I started a thread sometime ago on Vacation Rentals that you might want to read. There's many others too. Vacation Rental Forum

Good luck in whatever niche you choose. 

@Josh Wilkins  

Welcome. My dad was a Boston jake. A buddy does vacation rentals she gets $200 a night per bed from tourists. Time to build the foundation below.

Check out the Start Here page http://www.biggerpockets.com/starthere

Check out BiggerPockets Ultimate Beginner's Guide - A fantastic free book that walks through many of the key topics of real estate investing.

Check out the free BiggerPockets Podcast - A weekly podcast with interviews and a ton of great advice. And you get the benefit of having over 80 past ones to catch up on.

Two Great reads, I bought both J. Scott The Book on Flipping Houses,The Book on Estimating ReHab Costshttp://www.biggerpockets.com/flippingbook

Locate and attend 3 different local REIA club meetings great place to meet people gather resources and info. Here you will meet wholesalers who provide deals and all the cash buyers (rehabbers) you will need.

Consider checking out HUD homes for small multi's owner occupied gets first crack.

You might consider Niche or Specialized Housing like student housing. Rents can be 2-4 times more. Remember you don't have to own a property to control it.

Download BP’s newest book here some good due diligence in Chapter 10. Real Estate Rewind Starting over


Good luck


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If it's during snowboarding season, I'm totally in for a Big Bear meetup! I'm over there to board all the time anyway (well, when there is snow).

Hey @Josh Wilkins  welcome to BiggerPockets! It is great to have you and please feel free to jump in the community - there are certainly great people around here!

And oh, learn how to use BiggerPockets to grow your business by checking this quick guide: http://www.biggerpockets.com/biz

See you around!

Welcome Josh!

My wife and I just joined tonight as well, and we're here in So Cal - in Simi.  A couple of hours away?

I hope to find a BP meet up group somewhere around here soon!


Trevor & Leila

Hey Josh!  Is great to see new members joining everyday.  I am only 2 days old here with no prior experience in real estate.  I hope to learn from you.

Welcome to BP!

@Josh Wilkins  

Welcome fellow Bigger Pockets member! This is a great forum and I am sure it will help you learn many facets of the real estate investment world. I purchased my first investment property over 40 years ago and only wish that I had a resource like BP community when I got started! So you are in a good company.

Some say that your net-worth equals your network, and this is the place to make right connections. You should also find investors locally and network with them face-to-face. Find people close to you using MEET feature. Also, look for investor meetings on Meetup.

All the best!

@Trevor Jones  

@Frankie Law  

 Welcome to both of you as well.  Trevor, you may want to join our meetup group of BPers on the 21st of Sept at the westside pavilion in West LA.  We had about 35 people this month.


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