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Jaime Kosofsky

Real Estate Attorney from Charlotte, NC

Dec 20 '07, 08:46 AM

I am a Partner in a boutique real estate firm in Charlotte, NC. My practice is heavily involved in the National REO Scene, and in NC and SC. I love to teach, and speak at real estate offices throughout NC about how to survive in our industry.

This industry has been very good to me and my family and by teaching, and doing loss mitigation, I have found I can use my knowlege and experience to help others.

I am also starting to consider doing some investing myself. My clients are investors, and they have taught me a lot, and I am always making deals for them, and helping people sell properties...

We deal in a very sensitive area of the RE industry, and as a professional, I feel obligated to educate and help others out.

Contact me with questions about the law... just remember I am licensed in NC and SC so all of my answers will be qualified....

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Eric Foster

Real Estate Investor from Portland, Oregon

Dec 20 '07, 11:40 AM

Welcome to the group...

I was in North Carolina for the first time about a year and a half ago.

It was nice to visit... but the first 30 minutes of being in town was the hotel van driver telling me how worried he was about the storm they were expecting that was on its way.

It all made me a bit nervous... but the storm just passed on by.

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Account Closed

Dec 20 '07, 05:52 PM

Welcome to the forum!!

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Account Closed

Dec 20 '07, 09:42 PM

Welcome to the site.

I love NC. I'm usually go there each May to see the Nascar All-Star race in Concord. Great people there.

Are you a mandate for large REO/Note packages?


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Jaime Kosofsky

Real Estate Attorney from Charlotte, NC

Dec 21 '07, 07:03 AM

I have a good number of investors looking for bulk... is that what is meant as a mandate?

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Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

Commercial Real Estate Agent from Denver, Colorado

Dec 21 '07, 10:57 AM

Hey and welcome to the site. It sounds to me like this conversation is heading into the BULK REO realm. Can you guys bring it to the Bulk forum?


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