Hello BiggerPockets!

I am a newcomer to BiggerPockets, but have had exposure to other real estate investing seminars.  I have approximately $50K available with which I'd like to purchase a multi family complex (up to 4 units), where I would live in one unit and rent the others. My primary focus is on getting a nice deal with some monthly cashflow. I can relocate anywhere in the US, although I was particularly interested in FL (no state income tax) and NC (I've read that there are good deals available currently).  Is that too vague?  I really am able to move anywhere, so my primary focus is getting a good deal, rather than a specific location.

I've searched and seen some other related posts, but would appreciate any up to date advice or contacts.  Ideally I would like to close on a property by the end of Jan at the latest. Wholesaling is a relatively new concept to me, but I would definitely be interested in any opportunities if they make good financial sense.

Many thanks for reading, and I've seen the friendliness of this community, so thanks in advance for the welcomes and advice!