Good evening BP brothers and sisters.

Incredible stories from a lot of motivated and dedicated individuals out there, in all honesty, I find it to be very rejuvenating to hear for my confidence. I'm sure like most of us on here we want financial freedom that our 40 hour a week counterparts wish to have as well. I am a young 26 year old college student, who is a finance major, with about $500 to start with. I recently came in contact with a guy who owns 18 properties at the bank I work at. He handed me his card and said call this number, ask for a listing of properties in the state of Ohio, where I am from. He also said if i buy something I like I'll give you the commission. My eyes nearly popped out of my head in excitement, however, not knowing much about the business I remained skeptical. How do things work in this scenario and should I form an LLC before pursuing?

Any Advice would be great, Thanks.

Marcus McVay