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Hello Bigger Pockets Community!!!

My name is Sarah Torres, I'm extremely new to this and VERY EXCITED TO MEET ALL OF YOU!!!!! 

No. Just kidding. But I am pretty excited.... If you couldn't already tell..  :)

I live in Miami lakes, Florida!  But I do travel a lot for work (I'm currently in Redding, California).

I was attending FIU as a dual major - Biology and Chemistry but I took a break. 

I work as a sales representative right now. I travel for ten days then I'm off for 10 days, sometimes more.

I was born in Miami, FL and my family is half Cuban/Puerto Rican. Of course. LOL Miami. Yes, I speak fluent Spanish.

I will tell you a few secrets about me towards the end of the post. No skipping, that's cheating! 

I recently came across the idea of "Real Estate Investing," when I attended a free real estate investing class by Fortune Builders. I didn't plan to do much with it, I just thought I'd check it out. The information was so valuable to me, it lead me to purchase a 3-day workshop, which in my opinion was worth the $200!   :)  I know many do not like the idea of paying these "gurus" money for the information that's available for free but I found it very helpful/empowering to be there in person; surrounded by others with the same interest and most importantly I learned A LOT!

That is how I joined Bigger Pockets! Eager to learn more information....... I purchased Fortune Builders JumpStart class for 6 months on May 17, 2018 for $10K!  I know what you're thinking!!!! Don't scream at me! I'm in the process of getting a refund with them right now!  I was debating on what to do--whether to continue or not. I made a list of pros and cons. 

(PROS: Great info, curriculum, holds me accountable to make the money back, webinars, coaches, deal analyzer, weekly action plans  CONS: Cost of the course can go towards marketing or other ways to invest, not enough time, the thought of 'there are others ways to learn')

The list wasn't enough for me to decide. Luckily, I met an investor here in Redding, California who strongly advised me to cancel (just yesterday) and recommended I join Bigger Pockets community and use their tools instead!!! :) Everything in perfect timing! (THANK YOU JESSE EBERLE, I HOPE YOU GET TO READ THIS!)

I always listened to the podcast episodes but never thought to join the forum or be involved.. Stepping out of my comfort zone guys.. Am I doing this right? Haha.

I've always considered myself a very goal oriented person. I don't want to scare anyone of with my tremendous and outstanding goals so I will "TRY" to keep this short. My goal with real estate is to eventually create a lifestyle easier to control (Flexible with Time & Money).  I want some of the same things we all would like, which is to take care of my family/build a legacy, to have an enjoyable life and travel, to give to others and make an actual impact on people's live and of course, not have to worry so much about retirement. I believe real estate investing is one of the best ways of doing this.

In short, My long term goals center around:

  • Health: My well-being, Relationships (Everyone in the world) and their health
  • Learning: Education and Growing experiences
  • Adventures: Travel
  • Wealth: Reinvesting in Real Estate 

BUT (secret #1) I believe my highest purpose is; To love others and enjoy my journey, as well as help others love and enjoy their journey, no matter their circumstances. This, in my opinion, is what I believe will be more fulfilling for my life and it would give me a sense of accomplishment. How will I do it? I do not know the answer to that yet but the universe has ways of making it happen. Because we live in a shared world. Relationships with everyone is very important. I know this real estate investing lifestyle will not be easy but "easy is lazy,"  (Rich Dad) and we’ve all heard, what’s said to be challenging builds growth and is well worth the fight. I'm looking forward to enjoying this real estate investing journey even through the difficulties I know it may bring.

My Goals in and towards Real Estate For the Next 12 Months: 

  • Mindset
  • Education
  • Massive Action

1. Mindset

I want keep a clear and strong mentality of what I want and why I want it. For this, I will continue writing down my goals, meditate, speaking affirmations to myself and surrounding myself with empowering individuals. Because I know our nervous system is in direct correlation with our gut health, I will make sure to continue eating healthy and exercising daily so I may always feel energized and ready to take on whatever challenges I need to face.

2. Education

I want to surround myself in the real estate community, build relationships, get my real estate license, have access to MLS, network and market. As well as work with exceptional people. Educate myself on more ways of make money and wholesaling. Read 3-5 books a month starting June on business, real estate and take summary notes of those book. Review each summary weekly. Observe people who are already doing what I want to do; people, podcast, videos, and books. Learn the market intimately and decide what areas I want to invest in. Learn how to analyze a good deal.

3. Massive Action

This is a step-by-step plan I made with a 3, 6, and 12 month time frame/deadline. I can't really post ALL of it here because it's too much and I do not want to jinx the process or myself. But I will share something small: I will set a three month time frame for learning, making extreme marketing efforts and attempting nothing but wholesaling deals. By those three months, I will have learned what it takes to run a wholesale deal including control with contracts, making an offer and working on the exit strategy.


Are any of you still reading? I hope so! LOL

With all that being said.... Secret #2 I am 23 years old.  Well.... That's no secret. I also like to share my hobbies because I'm always happy to meet others who share the same: Rock climbing (newbie to it), hiking, fishing, mudding (Like ATVS), want to start scuba diving, love escape rooms and my favorite READING!!!! 

I love traveling, besides home my favorite places so far are: ARIZONA & UTAH!!! Then Washington State and California.  :)

I have started reading "Wholesaling Bible" by Than Merrill.

Do you have any recommendations on Newbie books? Or better yet, what is the book you've given most as a gift or what is your favorite book? (Even if it doesn't pertain to REI)

Thank you! 

Kindest regards,

Sarah Torres

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