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I've read a ton of books. I have watched a myriad of you tube vids. Now its time to get over the analysis paralysis and implement what I have learned! These bigger pockets podcasts, forums, and books have really helped me in this journey.

Welcome Rotchil! I have done my fair share of reading books, listening to podcasts/ videos and all the like. I see you're from Orlando! What kind of properties are you primarily looking for to start? 

Hello and welcome @Rotchil Noel !  Glad to see another addition in the Orlando area :).  What books have you read so far that you feel have attributed most to your learning about real estate?  I just joined BiggerPockets as well in hopes to get over the Analysis Paralysis.  If you keep up the motivation and use this site regularly, I am sure with the support of this community you will be well on your way to your goals!  

Thanks for the motivational response Robert! This is what’s pretty great about this community. You find individuals that uplift you to reach your goals. As far as the books I have read. Definately read ”No and Low Money down”by Brandon Turner. I am currently reading ”Rental Property Investing” by Brandon Turner as well. What books have you read? @Robert Kirkley
Thanks for the welcome Kelly!!! My apologies for all the excitement. I’m just ecstatic to see that someone is working a W-2 job and still finding a way to get out of the rat race. Hopefully I can acquire my first rental property this year. Ok lets not say ”hopefully”. I will definately acquire my first property this year. :) How did you get your first rental property if you don’t mind me asking? @Kelly I.

@Rotchil Noel Of course!  "No and Low Money Down" is one that I have been wanting to read for a while.  I will also have to check out the "Rental Property Investing" book as well as that is what I am hoping to get into.  Thanks for sharing that!!  Up until now I haven't read many books about real estate unless they have had specific examples of it, but I have read books like "Rich Dad Poor Dad" "Cashflow Quadrant" "Think and grow Rich" "The Millionaire Next Door" etc.. Now I am starting to read the "Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing" in hopes to learn the basics and start to understand what steps I need to plan out.  Also trying to learn the market of the Orlando areas and locations surrounding it.  The BiggerPockets podcasts are also great for advice!

@Robert Kirkley That’s awesome. I’ve made a habit to where i have to read atleast a chapter a day. As far as this Orlando Market. It seems quite challenging. But, if we keep sharpening our minds and surrounding ourselves with positive individuals success will come.

@Rotchil Noel I completely agree!  It will just take some time learning the processes as well as the market.  That's also a great habit, you will learn something everyday doing that.  I hope to see you on here often!  Good luck with everything! :)

those books were written to make money. Some are complete fabrications just to get your money. 

If you really want to learn find someone who has done it and work for them for free. 

Or work two jobs spend nothing, pay cash for a house and fixit up yourself. 

@Rotchil Noel Welcome to BP, continue educating yourself. But also start taking action. In order to take an action you must surround yourself with like-minded investors. Find local REI groups via meetup site and start networking with people. It will push you as well.


I completely agree with you on the fact that there is certain content out there to get your money. But I will say I rather spend a few bucks on some books any day than to give those gurus a couple thousands to learn the same thing. I like the fact that you said work for  someone who has done it  for free. I am always open to offer my services. Hopefully I can find that person on this great platform! @Michael Plante

@Alina Trigub Thank you for the warm welcome. You hit the nail on the head with the taking action part. Implementing what you learn is key. I went to my first meet up yesterday and it was very informative. I met a lot of individuals that are on the same voyage as myself.  What real estate niche are you currently working in?

@Kelly I. Don’t be sorry. That’s still a great step into making future investments. I’m pretty sure that’s how most investors start off until they build their massive portfolios. Build that capital and get the next one. And then the next one.

@Rotchil Noel Glad to help! My specialty is syndications of commercial real estate and I'm loving it. That's another thing - you have to enjoy what you're doing!  So if that component is present that will help you expedite the process.


Rotchil, I'd say welcome to you, but I am a newbie on here myself! I am getting ready to close on my first property this week. We looked in the Orlando market, but we found that the properties were too expensive or didn't make enough money. At least for a first time investment. We decided to start looking in the outer areas loke Deland, Orange City, Mt. Dora. It increases the drive time but the money was better. Let's keep in touch! 

Hey Rotchil!

Welcome to BP, this is a great site to learn more about real estate! The pod cast help a lot and joining in on conversations can be really helpful as well. Good Luck

Hey Rotchil!

Welcome to BP, this is a great site to learn more about real estate! The pod cast help a lot and joining in on conversations can be really helpful as well. Good Luck

Hey Rotchil @Rotchil Noel

Let me know if you need any help with the search for a multifamily! I have experience in the same field and although the deals are hard to come by here, they are out there. Let me know if I can help.

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