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Hello BP'ers!

(A bit of a long bio/intro but thanks for the read if you're inclined)!

Having grown up in the Alberta/Cully neighborhood of Portland I witnessed the change and incredible growth the city has experienced since the 2000's, which served to plant a seed and solidify the idea of REI as the eventual "some-day" goal for myself.


To get off the road and spend more quality time with my family and hobbies.

I've spent the last thirteen years on the road as either an adventure travel guide; guiding backpackers on camping and hiking tours all across America and Mexico, or these last eight years working production 300+ days a year for touring musicians and bands. Through it I've experienced many unforgettable moments that I only imagined prior, a unique sense of our world, constant travel, and friendships across the globe. But they've come at the sacrifice of most everything and everyone back home, as touring leaves little time or energy outside the vortex of constant travel.

Most importantly, I have two nephews (12 & 15yo) back home that I want to be around more to influence and help raise as their own parents are essentially unaccountable. (So, a BIG why as far as I'm concerned).

Also my girlfriend, she pretty much rules! I'd definitely like to spend more time around her. And hobbies -I vaguely remember doing those... they sound fun too!


I'm ultimately interested in buy and holds as long term income (SFR<) and plan to direct market in the Portland metro to facilitate flips, that I hope will serve to replace my current job and help fund the first B&H's. As I mature I'm open to do this anywhere in the country really, but want to start at home, build a foundation, and adjust as I learn. I'm not at all afraid of long distance if it makes sense going forward though.

My lady and I currently live in NYC. We plan to move back and buy property in Portland this winter, rehab and house-hack during the required FHA owner-occupant year, and possibly build a separate ADU in the basement (or external?), all while building a direct marketing funnel for additional flips, and eventually a portfolio -wherever that my be. I'd love for that to be PDX/Oregon/PNW, but feel there may be better overall opportunities elsewhere?

I've watched, read, podcasted, and dreamed REI for years and am becoming familiar with much of it in theory -and in a previous life I spent several years working in the trades building spec to Street of Dreams homes in and around PDX- but as I prepare to finally take action I'm feeling the doubt, exposure, and butterflies more then I expected... I currently know ZERO other people doing any of this outside of owning the home they live in. I'm pretty sure a few of my closest friends and family think it sounds great but that it's ultimately all unwise, risky jibberish -haha, any encouragement is incredibly appreciated!

That said, I'm looking to meet folks and get involved in what seems to be an amazing community, build relationships and infrastructure, all while providing a service and helping those that I can.

Look forward to meeting you out there!

Welcome to BP! Sounds like a great plan, getting started house-hacking is a great way to get your feet wet and see how you like RE investing and landlording. Lots of great, knowledgeable folks here on BP, so you're in the right place!

@Adrain Mathews ,

Sounds like you've got a great head on your shoulders with a solid plan but understanding that there will be flexibility there as well. Having a background in the trades definitely won't hurt you! If you haven't already done so, I'd start seeing places in NY now, in preparation for coming back here. Assuming your girlfriend will be living with you, you'll want to calibrate on what's "liveable" for you and for her! House Hacking and improving as you go is fantastic, and you'll want to start with a base property that you can both agree on...I'd say your relationship should be your first filter! So go look at some fixers there in NY and ask yourselves, could we live here while we fix it up? That'll get you ahead of the curve when you come back here to Portland!

Alberta and the Cully neighborhood have certainly changed! I grew up in St. Johns and while there have been some MAJOR changes, it's still not as drastic as Alberta. There are lots of opportunities here in town, but like you said in your post, they're generally suited for long-term equity building plays. 

Where ever you end up, just keep a few fundamentals in mind and you'll do fine! 

Best of luck,


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