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Medium 1399553467 avatar laughridge Brandon Laughridge
Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, MO
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Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 20 '12, 11:41 AM

Hey, BP Nation. Long time lurker here and I've finally committed to getting more involved. I'm sure that's a pretty typical M.O. :).

I'm originally from Kansas City, MO and now live in La Jolla, CA (San Diego suburb).

My focus is on acquiring solid, "bread and butter" SFR's in desirable areas of the Kansas City metro. My goal for 2013 is to continue building my portfolio, both individually and along with my business partners, and ideally acquire our first multifamily property in 2013 or 2014.

My day "job" is running an internet marketing company I founded with said business partners mentioned above.

I look forward to meeting and engaging with you guys instead of just extracting knowledge selfishly. That came off a little deep...you know what I mean :).

Medium 1399315588 avatar jonk Jon Klaus
Investor from Garland, TX
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Jon Klaus Verified Moderator Donor

Investor from Garland, Texas

Dec 20 '12, 11:46 AM

Hey Brandon, glad you are giving up lurking and joined us. Kansas City cash flows a bit better than La Jolla, eh? I actually bought my first investment home in La Jolla. That is La Jolla Dr in Garland, TX. A bit different, actually.

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Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 20 '12, 11:49 AM

Haha, yes, KC is just a twinge better than LJ on the cash flow front!

Looking forward to being involved here -- guys like you have helped me learn a lot and I feel like I should attempt to at least provide a little value for others too.

Medium 1399604044 avatar davchandler David Chandler
Investor from Orlando, FL
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David Chandler

Investor from Orlando, Florida

Dec 20 '12, 11:57 AM


Welcome. My wife and I may be moving back to San Diego from Vegas in a few months. Best of luck on your Kansas City endeavors.

Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 20 '12, 11:58 AM

Thanks, David. Good luck on the move if it happens...you're bucking the trend moving LV -> SD instead of vice versa!

Medium 1399660630 avatar rrwolfpack Marc Bodinger
New York City, NY
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Marc Bodinger

from New York City, New York

Dec 20 '12, 12:02 PM

How are properties performing in the San Diego market? Is the new convention center having an impact on commercial real estate?

Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 20 '12, 12:07 PM

Hey, Marc. Nice to meet you.

Frankly, I can't really give any great insights on the SD market as my focus is on KC. The residential market seems to be booming right now. according to my investor friends out here, and I don't know a thing about what's going on with the commercial side of the equation.

I wish I could give a better answer than that but I'd be doing you a disservice if I made an attempt at one. :)

Medium 1448398348 avatar brandonatbp Brandon Turner
Investor from Montesano, WA
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Brandon Turner Verified Video

Investor from Montesano, Washington

Dec 20 '12, 08:32 PM

Hey @Brandon Laughridge - Welcome to BiggerPockets! I'm extremely jealous that you get to live where you do. I'm stuck up north of you in Washington - where it rains 300 days a year!

Keep in touch!

Medium fbprofileBrandon Turner, BiggerPockets
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Marc Bodinger

from New York City, New York

Dec 21 '12, 07:59 AM

Nice to meet you too @Brandon Laughridge. Hope the KC res and comm markets are treating you nicely. I'm in NYC and it is pouring today real nasty enjoy the perfect weather.

Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 21 '12, 08:09 AM

Thanks @Marc Bodinger! Unfortunately I'm leaving the perfect weather and heading to cold and snowy KC for 10 days...so I'll be with you in nasty-weather-land.

Medium 1412209793 avatar brighterdays Karen Margrave
Brokers-Developers-Licensed G.C. from Orange County, CA
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Karen Margrave Moderator

Brokers-Developers-Licensed G.C. from Orange County, California

Dec 21 '12, 08:15 AM

Welcome! We live in Orange County, CA, where like San Diego the weather is perfect. From what I understand La Jolla is akin to Corona Del Mar, so no deals there. At the same time people from around the world still love California and though the values in southern California are extremely high, they're still some of the lowest they've been, and probably going to continue rising, so.... damned if you and damned if you don't! However; I can understand wanting to invest in more affordable areas, if they're going to appreciate anytime soon.

Today I'm in Shasta County, (part of the true northern California) where it is snowing :/ and COLD... can't wait to get back to the warm So Cal sunshine!

Medium tmg  1 Karen Margrave, The Margrave Group #00636992
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Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 21 '12, 08:23 AM

Hi Karen M., thank you! Nice to meet you.

I agree with what you're saying about the values right now, the permanent desirability of CA, etc. and I do think it's a great time to buy a personal residence here in CA.

That said, trying to buy and hold out here is over my head so I'm going where the margin of error is much bigger and I can afford to screw up and not kill my return for years and years :).

Happy Holidays in NorCal (assuming you're still up there then).

Medium 1398940100 avatar oc pro Jake Kucheck
Residential Real Estate Agent from Newport Beach, CA
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Jake Kucheck

Residential Real Estate Agent from Newport Beach, California

Dec 21 '12, 10:10 AM

@Brandon Laughridge- welcome to BP!

Having spent 4+ years at UCSD, I'm familiar enough with the "tenant population" to know that it is a terrible idea to rent to the college version of myself... not just that the numbers don't make sense, but also the likelihood of parties causing major repairs every year, above and beyond the security deposit... very much not tenant friendly. Your decision to look at KC instead is a wise one.

That said... if you can pick something up on the cheap for your personal residence in La Jolla, Birdrock, or North PB... you will be very stoked.

Brandon Laughridge

Real Estate Investor from Kansas City, Missouri

Jan 07 '13, 09:02 AM

@Jake Kucheck Thanks! Good to be here :).

Yeah, college rentals aren't the goal at this point. I'm only a few years removed from being that college tenant and I wouldn't want to rent to myself either.

We actually do live in Bird Rock now and love it. Unfortunately we aren't in a position to buy now but maybe in a few years!

Medium 1448399064 avatar biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, CO
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Medium 1399598134 avatar r2rcs Cheryl S
Union City, CA
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Cheryl S

from Union City, California

Jan 07 '13, 09:46 AM

Welcome Brandon! Love La Jolla as it is home to my alma mater. Good times. Weather there is incredible. :-)

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