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Hello, I am Sam. This is my first post. I heard 3 really good podcasts and I have #4 queued up (really good stuff). I am a 9-5 exec and I have 3 rental units. I have lot's of questions about investing so I need to figure out which forums to ask them in. My first question relates to the relationship between investor and flipper (ie what does a typical agreement look like?). So many forums - how do I choose?

Hey @Sam M. welcome to BiggerPockets! Glad to see you are enjoying the Podcast, we have a blast doing it and I learn a lot just being a co-host. Is that how you found BP or did you come another way?

As for which forum, yeah it can be a bit intimidating. I'd probably put it in the "Flipping" forum, here

But if you put one in the wrong forum, the mods will just move it, so not a big deal. Thanks for jumping in and let us know how we can help you move forward!

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Thanks guys. I found BP on Google months ago and signed up. I recognized that the site was a wealth of information and thought about spending more time on it but i never found the time, I searched iTunes for a BP podcast and I found episode 1. The podcasts are really good. So far my favorite is #2. They have been quite inspiring.