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Khouri Rice

from Topsfield, Massachusetts

Feb 13 '13, 09:54 AM

Hello Everyone,

I'm a brand new member and wanted to say hello. I am looking forward to speaking to all of you and learning and sharing information on the Real Estate Industry. Currently, I work as a Property Manager, but also run a small property management/contracting company on the side. I am looking to purchase my first home (Owner Occupied 2 or 3 family) around the end of the summer and then hopefully being my foray into looking for investment properties. I really look forward to hearing from anyone that has done the same. This seems like a great community and I am happy to finally be a part of it. Thanks and speak to you soon!


Brandon Turner Verified Video

Investor from Montesano, Washington

Feb 13 '13, 10:03 AM

Hey Khouri Rice welcome to BP! I think your plan is great, and you are coming from a great background in property managing. My second property I bought (after a live-in flip) was a duplex that I still own to this day. Check out this article I wrote about it on the BP Blog:

How I Accidentally Bought Two of Kurt Cobain’s Former Homes and Why That’s Not Even The Best Part.

I look forward to seeing you around the site!

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Sean Brennan

from Leominster, Massachusetts

Feb 13 '13, 10:24 AM

Welcome Khouri!

Sean Brennan,
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Michael Galloway

Real Estate Investor from Brentwood, California

Feb 16 '13, 04:10 PM

Khouri Rice, Welcome. With your background you will have a good base to start from. Looking forward to hearing about your success.

Brian Ortins Verified

Real Estate Agent from Beverly, Massachusetts

Feb 16 '13, 04:25 PM

Hi Khouri, welcome to BP. I also live in Beverly, MA and recently joined BP. I have managed my father's properties and have invested in condo rentals.

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Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

Commercial Real Estate Agent from Denver, Colorado

Feb 16 '13, 04:43 PM

Welcome to the site, Khouri!

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Justin Silverio

Investor from Methuen, Massachusetts

Feb 16 '13, 08:38 PM

Welcome to BP Khouri. Lots of great info on this site and lots of resources available around our neck of the woods.

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