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Just found this site and there is a lot of good solid advice and information. As a Real Estate Broker in California I need to stay sharp. Looking forward to absorbing data and contributing when I can.

@Robert L. Welcome to BP! There's a lot of us from California on here. Just dig in and get to know the place, it's a great group.

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Welcome Robert!

Welcome to BP Robert.

@Robert L. - Welcome to BP. I look forward to reading your So-Cal perspective on things!


Welcome Robert. There is lots of good information and good folks on BP. Like Karen said, there are lots of us in So Cal on BP, I am in the OC. I look forward to reading your advice.

Robert, welcome to BP Nation, always nice to have more So Cal investors on board. Several of my rehab projects are not far from you.

Stay active on the site and engage the community.

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