Please know that we are NOT a listing site, title solution or a substitution to a manual due diligence done by a professional.

some context..

This platform was designed specifically to minimize the time I spent gathering and organizing  the relevant data for all the potential investment properties scheduled for auction and be able to quickly identify high risk, or "fatal" title issues that disqualified a property from investing.

This brought change to an already complex process. Nevertheless it works! 

Im looking for beta user who are interested in testing it out. 

Anyone who is interested just let me know and I will get you access. I will be available for any user to answer any questions and schedule zoom calls where I explain how to use the tool, answer any questions and provide assistance with anything they need.

At the same time if anyone finds a property the like I will provide them with support through the process by running manual due diligence, property drive by and pictures, unrecorded Lien search, bidding strategy and anything needed to increase success.