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Hi BP! I need some help. I've been looking for a property in Bridgeport for since November. I dont have enough time to view as many properties as I would like and to get an estimate of rehab costs for these properties. To give you a bit of background, I'm a first time purchaser looking for a multifamily to 'house hack'. I've narrowed down my search to Bridgeport, CT. I'm looking for help in terms of seeing the property and getting more information on the property so I can then make a more informed decision without me physically seeing the property. I work full time which is why I have my time constraint.

Can anybody recommend a wholesaler that works in Bridgeport, CT?

I'm open to any other suggestions as to how to get around my problem of not being able to see as many houses as I would like. I'd be more than happy to hear any other way to go about this.

Thank you!!

@Rebecca Peters ,

I'll give this post a bump, and hopefully someone from the Bridgeport Ct., area, will respond to your question.


Hey @Rebecca Peters   I am totally new to all of this investing stuff and have actually thought about wholesaling, I am from the Bridgeport Area. I just wanted to know are you looking to flip this property or hold on to it and rent. I was just wondering

buu and hold. Owner occupant using FHA loan.

Hi Rebecca, welcome to BP! I'm a native to and landlord in Bridgeport and would be happy to help you in your search. Feel free to PM me about neighborhoods, city-wide initiatives,

Hi Rebecca, if you're still looking for help I would be happy to do so. I work for a group and am responsible for finding properties - I would be happy to moonlight for you. PM me and we can talk about what you're looking for!

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