Need Lease Information In Connecticut

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I'm gathering information about Connecticut leases. I cannot find any laws that state how much notice is required for non-renewal of a long-term lease (12 months). I know you have to give 30 days notice for non-renewal of a month-to-month. But do you legally have to give any notice to the tenants that you will not be renewing their lease? It seems like common courtesy, but what does the law say?


Thanks, @Michael Noto . Mr. Google was of no help to me. I'll let you know if I need that referral. I'm hoping my Connecticut BiggerPocketeers can help me out. 

You are so right about CT landlord laws. 

I am seeking a reasonable but dependable attorney for reviewing leases, etc in Central/Northwest CT.  Anyone near Farmington Valley would be preferred.  Please PM any referrals.

Thanks again to all the CT folks here~!

Account Closed I would reach out to Attorney Larry Kiel he is in the area and a great guy to deal with. I have never used him on the investment side only as a personal purchase but he is a great guy.