Greetings from Trumbull

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Hi All,

At 50 I find myself a beginner in something that has always intrigued me. I love fixing things up. I'm married to an electrician and we have re-done his rehab from top to bottom. Now we find ourselves in need of cash flow and renting this house out and getting another rehab looks like a good plan. Ansonia, Bridgeport, and West Haven seem to have the most rehab properties for sale in our range. (perhaps because they have higher taxes?) My husband is Quite anxious about all this, but he hasn't come up with any better ideas. I have basic financing - but not a rehab loan. I hope to make some connections here, since my long term goal is a string of rental properties. I'm also doing property management for a friend. Good practice for when I have to do it for myself.

Welcome to BP. I've learned so much since joining this amazing group. I recommend listening to as many podcast as possible. We listen to at least one a day. It's great