Eviction Process

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I recently started property managing  for a property in New Britain CT and have noticed that the eviction process for a tenant is taking a really long time to even get a court date. Has anyone noticed this same issue? I am working with an attorney in the area. What are some tips for speeding up the eviction process, if any or any strategies that have worked for you in the past?

This tenant doesn't to pay, we have tried a payment plan to get them back up to good standing, they have stopped paying rent all together and are not willing to cooperate with us at this time. 

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A good attorney will have the tenant out in 45 days. Call Ben Potok in new Britain. He's the man, and does these in his sleep. Best money I have ever spent (on behalf of my property owner:) If they aren't out in 45 days or less, you need a new attorney. It's business :)

Hello, anyone knows a good attorney in Montgomery County in Maryland?