evictions from over 3 years ago not showing up in online search

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Just for the heck of it, I searched our names in the online court records for housing court.  I searched correctly, under active, and under all, and used the section for cases filed before March, 2016.  Imagine how surprised I was to find out that some old evictions that we ran before about 2014, are just gone!  They don't show up at all.

Now I'm worrying that when I'm checking on a potential new tenant, any past appearances in housing court that they may have had, may not show up.  BTW, the old cases that I'm not seeing show up were NOT withdrawn, went all the way to paperwork to have the marshal remove them, and in one case, there was a judgement against the tenant for malicious vandalism.

Anyone know what's going on here?  I KNOW that I am searching correctly in the before 2016 tool, because a case from 2015 DOES show up.  As LLs, we have a very strong interest in any housing court appearances staying available in online searches forever.  How is it that these relatively recent evictions have just disappeared?

@Karen F. Not sure what is going on here but I wonder if its the courts just cleaning their records. I would call your eviction check provider to see how they go about obtaining information to be included on your background checks.

Here in CT anyone can look up housing court records on line.  But some are disappearing!  These are records that used to appear on line.  As far as I know, there's no statute of limitations on housing cases.  Something is not right here.

Usually, if they are somewhat recent, they are on the judicial website. However, you are correct - sometimes a recent case does not appear on the website. This could be for several reasons. Error of the court clerk. Someone filed a motion to seal. Or alien intervention. Who knows!?