Anyone in North Eastern Connecticut?

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Just wondering if there are any Real Estate folk in North Eastern Connecticut that might want to get together for a Networking Meetup? It would be great to get together and chat about the local market. I would like to get a rough idea who is in the area before I set up a meeting area. Post Your location. I am in Putnam, CT.

Hello @Erik Douglas ,

I taught in Ashford for 3 years and focus on Tolland county for single family flips and rentals. We have a great meetup thats been going on for the last year or so. We have a meeting next Tuesday in Manchester. Check out the details here, hope to see you there! 

@Erik Douglas Manchester has a great meetup with guest speakers and good networking opportunities. 

If you are interested, there is a meetup group in Rocky Hill / Wethersfield area, @Stephanie Cabral is the organizer. You can reach out to her to put you on the email list to get updates on dates and times.

Will see you soon! 

P.S. @Scott Hollister Hey, big guy! Great running into you this past meetup! Hope you are having a good luck with your multi search!

When is the Manchester meet up typically held?

I am flipping a house in Putnam and in Stafford Springs. Does that count?

Originally posted by @Melissa Gittens :

@Jerryll Noorden would love to see updates on your most recent project! 

 I know me too! Damn it!

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