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Hello All,

I am currently going through the process of obtaining my Real Estate license in CT and wanted to get some opinions about choosing the right brokerage. As a new agent would it be a better idea for me to start with small locally owned broker or a bigger nationally known franchise. I want to make sure that i get the proper training and guidance in the beginning. Ultimately i want to begin investing in Real Estate myself so that will also be a consideration. 

@Manuel Burgos You're asking the right questions-- but the answers only get worse:  Consider that not every ReMax in the country will have the same educational/mentoring opportunities Maybe they do on paper, but when it comes to personalities...look out.  

Instead, I would recommend attending a few REIA meetings for about 3-4 months. Build a rapport with some agents who you like, and who seem like they're interested in mentoring people. Ask them about their agency, the compensation structure, the perks, and the opportunities, but don't tell them upfront that they're being interviewed. Then ask them if you can join their Agency once you have a decent personal relationship. You'll know that you've done your diligence, picking the best possible team with the best possible opportunities. They'll be flattered to be working with someone who's already a colleague, and you'll get the best odds of making the right choice this way.

Good luck.  

@Manuel Burgos , Steve had some great ideas. I am a small town shop with two offices in CT (Granby and Clinton), and I help people with this all the time. At least 50% of the agents I speak with, I refer out to the bigger shops for some of the reasons you mentioned about training. Some agents like working for my shop because they are self motivated, the don't want structured class room training, and they are looking for more of an investor focus (for themselves and the community) It sounds like you would do better at a larger firm, but I would make sure you let them know that you want to be an investor some day, and hopefully they can help align with your short and long term goals. I started at Coldwell in 2005, and the training was great, but there was not much for mentoring, or other agents being very helpful. I had to self motivate and teach myself how to be an agent.

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