Bristol, CT rental market

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I'm new to this and I am looking for info.  I'm in Simsbury, Ct and i am looking for a buy and hold multifamily.  There seems to be a lot in Bristol but I'm not familiar with the rental market there.  What can i expect there?  (rent $ amount for 2 bed 1 bath, Quality of tenants, ability to find tenants, etc.)  Thanks, Ted Arzt.  

Also, At some point soon i will need to find a realtor who is familiar with investment property's in this area.

@Theodore Arzt

Welcome. I'm a resident of Simsbury, CT as well. I own a 3 family in Bristol (Federal Hill). Me personally Federal Hill area is the only area in Bristol I would buy again. I recently got my 3rd floor rented and we had a lot of activity ( 2 bed 1,000sq ft). Ended up choosing a mobile engineer that works at ESPN. We settled at 925 and they pay all utilities including water. There are good tenants you just have to be in the right area and have a appealing property. Try to get something that has 3 bedrooms. The bigger the unit the more rent you can get.

What is with all the Farmington Valley folks lately. We need to meet up for a beer guys! I am touch and go here so just text me or call I work right in Canton and live in New Hartford. Send me a PM and I will give you my number. I cut grass over in Bristol currently for a property owner. I am not scared of much so my view is probably jaded. If the deal makes and you can get good tenants go right ahead. 

@James McCard The deal made sense. One apartment is ready to rent the other will be shortly. I’m struggling to figure out the whole good tenant thing though. I am realizing real fast just how crazy and iresponsible people are. The amount of people that make appointments and don’t show up is mine boggling. 

Every day of my life I realize that more and more. You may want to reach out to David Haberfield in Bristol. He really knows that market well. He is also a stand up guy.