The DOG day afternoon...

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I have a multi-unit in Baltimore who recently acquired new neighbors.. they have two pit bulls who are in the yard 24/7 and whenever anybody is outside they lunge at the fence growling and barking to no end. The current fence(neighbors fence) is in almost dilapidated conditions and I’m fearful that this will discourage tenants in future turnovers if not dealt with so with that being said this weekend I plan to reach out to the new neighbors, I’ve already lined up one of my guys to install a new 6ft fence but it will require the demo of their current fence and the dogs to be put up while the work is being done(don’t need anybody getting bit) my question becomes though if you are a dog owner shouldn’t you be required to have a proper and safe fence or does this matter fall into my lap, I don’t want to make to make a big issue because well these neighbors could end up causing more trouble then it’s worth..


They should secure their dogs because if the dogs attack someone the can be sued. However, common sense is not common and you are doing the right thing, secure your investment. I would have a fence built asap. Please make sure your fence is secure and sturdy. My investor passed on a great property because of the neighbors huge dog.