Project Manager Use For Property Flip In CT

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Hi everyone, hope all had a nice summer and are ready to get into the Fall/Winter seasons. I'm currently working on a house flip in CT; however, I've found it challenging to self-manage the rehab while being out of state. I have used general contractors in the past; however, in speaking with an acquaintance, he suggested using a project manager to help keep the project moving to completion and within the original budget. Has anyone used any project managers in CT and if so, would you be open to sharing your experiences? Thank you.

I am not in CT but I am sure the answer is relatively the same in most states. A full time PM is great to have but it's more a luxury than a necessity. Most qualified PMs want a full time position so it will be hard for you to employee them on house by house basis unless they are sub and work for other outfits as well. Your best be at first, until you have constant/enough work, is to pay a trusted contractor a little more to be your eyes and ears. Don't call them a PM or you may be paying a lot more. I would ask them to help you look after the job and then pay them like 50 dollars for material runs. This will get you manager without paying a ton. Of course this is not full substitute for a full time and qualified PM. But it will get you through until you are ready to hire one. I hope that helps. Good luck.