Looking for recommendations for GC in Orlando, FL

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Just wondering if anyone had suggestions for a good investor general contractor in Orlando,FL.

Appreciate any help.

hallo @Kristi Stafne

Similar situation here, although not quite. I might be moving to orlando area later this year, and if I dont have my GC lic- I will be vetting contractor's in the area. I am assuming you are looking for a GC to team up with on a rehab, or are you just looking for one to hire? I believe @Nick G. is currently looking to for a GC in your city as well. Any luck Nick?


Thanks Sebastian. I am looking for a gc to team up on a rehab. I will check with Nick G and see if he has found any.

How is your search coming along? I'm currently working on a flip in Deltona and the GC my realtor recommended has done a great job so far. I'm still in the rehab process, so can update you when done. Let me know if you would like his info.

how did your gc do in Deltona?  We're doing one in debary, and could use a good gc.

Did anyone find anything? I could really use some great references asap. 

Good afternoon 

hope is all well..

I have a very reliable friend who Works in the Central Florida area.Manuel does metal framing,drywall,garage doors,roof repairs,demolition,scrap waste pick up,Dumpster rental,Kitchen repair,Counter tops,Driveways,Tree service removal*trimming*and also carpentry work,pressure washing...

We are able to do estimates for free and are able to move quickly and very efficient at what we do.

Please inbox me for any questions

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