Need Handyman / Contractor to rehab single family house - Orlando, Fl area

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I am looking for a handyman / contractor to rehab single family house in Sanford area. Does anyone have good handyman / contractor who can do the kitchen and other rehab job in limited budget? Also, looking for the roofer to replace the roof.


Please PM me and I can send you my GC's info. 

I'm flipping a sfh in debary,  and am also looking for a good,  affordable gc.  Might you be able to send me your contacts information also? 

@Padma Mody

 Did you have any luck with getting a good GC?  If so, can you give me a rough idea as to how much your costs came up to.




I did not find any good one. But next time I will hire two handyman. One for paint job and 2nd for tile work. My last house, I hired one handyman for all job and he took a long time to finish the job and also he was not finishing one job at a time.

It is hard to come up with the cost. It's all depend on how much work need to be done. My one house I spent $8K, 2nd house - $30K and last one, $26K.

I used Giordany Alcinor for a few of my rentals and his work was great. His guys stated on task and he kept me abreast on the status of his work.

@Wilco C. - Thanks for the information. I will keep this one in my list.

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