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hello BP nation

I need a good property management company and investor friendly RE agent in Orlando area, I'll be moving there in couple of years and I want to start the ball Rolling now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  


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@Mhamed Channaj  - let us know your plans if you can... I am also interested in Orlando on both vacation rentals as well as long term buy and hold.

You can call my RE agent out there: 

Fernanda Trein

Good luck with everything


thank you Flavio

I'm only be doing buy and hold for now looking at houses 100k or less with some cash flow. 

Did you buy anything there yet?

I have brought two properties under 100k in orlando, fl. Cash Cows! Now I'm trying to buy a home to start a family.  Good Luck! 

RE: Odel Ximmes Coldwell Banker

@Mhamed Channaj  Hey there, I am an investor friendly title company here in Orlando and work with lots of investors. If you ever have any questions or need any help with anything please let me know. Shoot me an email about the property manager. 


Realty Medics-

Tommy Weclew-He manages over 400 properties at the moment and is very investor friendly.

awesome Carl congrats!!!!

I'm still trying to buy the first one there, I have no boots on the grounds,I live in Pittsburgh pa and I can't see that far lol. So it's been little difficult. 

thank you Rayan I will definitely e-mail you. 

Greg thank you for your help I appreciate it!!!

@Mhamed Channaj  I would back @Ryan Kopczyk  for the services that he provides.  He also has some good contacts in the local market for what he doesn't do.

In regards to a RE agent, @Erin Wysocki  is very good.  Not only is she aggressive in getting what you may want, but she is also an investor herself and so will understand the mindset you may be approaching buying a property with.  She is also familiar with most parts of Orlando and that may come as an advantage to someone like you who is from out of town.

Good luck and see you soon in sunny FL.

Give Brian Alteman (407)900-3138 a call as he  specializes in working  with investors and renting their homes.

@Mhamed Channaj we look forward to having you in the Orlando Area. I've read great things about the market in Pittsburgh. Plus my brother in law keeps telling me how great the market is. What has your experience been like in the market over there so far? 

@Flavio Zanetti I  am a broker associate for a company here in Orlando that helps investors build profitable investment portfolios as well as find flips in the area. In the past I've personally worked with anything from hedge funds to first time investors, and our firm has done over 1,300 investor friendly transactions while maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB. Feel free to pick my brain at your convenience. 

@Shelley Alterman thank you !

@Jeff Joachim thanks for reaching out. The market is great here in Pittsburgh -flips or buy and hold-

I just picked up my first property in Indian wells this week. I love Orlando and we have family all over the state of Florida, we'll be moving down there in couple years, so that's where I will be investing, some flips and buy and hold as well, so I'll be definitely be in touch with you. 

I already talked once to @Christian Marin  

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