Tampa- looking for cleaning crew to deep clean

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Does anyone in the Tampa FL area have a referral to a cleaning company that can come in and do a deep clean on a vacant duplex? 

@Aaron T.

Ask my colleague Alex Pereira. He found someone the other day when he and I were talking to some contractors. I'm not sure she has cleaned his property yet but he has spoken to her at length I think about what she can and can't do and what she generally charges I think.

Dave, thanks. I will send Alex a message to put the name in my contact list.

I thought i was going to contract on a place this week and needed it cleaned, but the sellers are being unreasonable on price for their property. their loss.

Originally posted by @Dave Bingham :

@Aaron Trommater

It happens. You'll get the next one!

 I found out the sellers are in pre-foreclosure, so i told them my offer stands as is. I was notified today they are considering the offer now.

Is this for your personal residence in June?

Originally posted by @Dave Bingham :

Is this for your personal residence in June?

yes and no. I am using a VA loan, so i will live in it until the end of the year, then i will go back to my other VA loan property when my current tenants leave. I will then rent the second side for long term cash flow.

The property is livable, but needs the inside and out cleaned up to pass a VA appraiser, so i will have a landscaper come out and do a basic clean up and a cleaning crew come on the inside and make sure the inside is clean and wiped up. That should satisfy the VA appraiser.

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