Any in orlando that go to auctions?

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It is April, so Orange County auctions must be soon.

Huh?  The auctions are online every day.

They are online in Orange county? I read that ones go to ones auctions in Orlando. I did see that other Florida counties do it online, but I am not finding accurate info for Orlando. 

Orange county (including Orlando) foreclosure auctions are online everyday.  Orange county tax deed sales are done in person on Thursdays.  Seminole county foreclosure auctions are still done at the courthouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Volusia county foreclosure and tax deed sales are done online.

ahhh the glory days. I wish i could go back to buying at the courthouse with the wolfpack! 

Thanks Favia and Erin! Your information is helpful, and explains why I was seeing online and in person information. Do alot of people goto the deed auctions in Orlando? I would like to go and see in person. I really appreciate your hellos and help!

Hey @Erin Wysocki, what would you recommend I read to be prepared for Seminole County auctions? I can't seem to find any info on the County Clerk of Courts web site.


Like any other foreclosure auction; title search, back taxes, HOA/code violation unrecorded liens.

@Jeremy Shinall you have to do official records searches to find out if there are liens against the property.

Hi @Erin Wysocki & @Wayne Brooks

That makes total sense. I think I need an overall primer on auctions, in addition to knowing how they do it - specifically - at the Seminole County, FL, courthouse. I'll start digging around the BP site for more. Thanks again!

@Jeremy Shinall Yes you can definitely lose your shirt if you do not know what you are doing.

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