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Hello everyone,

I am to real estate investments and educated myself in the last two months on the basics. Now I would like to dive into the property search in the Orlando area. Not looking for flipping houses but for rental properties.

Does anyone have experience in the greater Orlando area when it comes to this kind of properties? Any brokers / realtors that you could recommend? Any known pitfalls in the "Orlando Market"?

Thank you so much for your help!

@Fabian G.

I don't have any specific recommendations for Orlando other than my time spent down there... in places besides Disney :)

Drive and walk the neighborhoods.  The city is vast and has every time of neighborhood, housing and tenant you can find here on BP.

I'm not sure what you are targeting, yes we all want 20% ROI class A properties for cheap :)

1. Define your numbers for both Cash Flow and ROI (Cash on Cash). My numbers are $125/month/door in cashflow AND 15% ROI (Cash on Cash)

2. Then define your neighborhood and tenant type.  I tend to focus on working class neighborhoods with properties I can improve with minor fixes vs renovation projects.

@Aaron Montague

Thanks for your feedback and for taking your time.

1. I am planning not to finance the property but to buy in cash. ROI north of 8% would be great to begin with.

2. I would like to stay out of the "bad" neighborhoods (obviously) and target the working class / middle class. 

I have driven through a couple potential neighborhoods and you are right, it's the best thing to do. In this area you have very good neighborhoods right next to "bad" neighborhoods.

@Fabian G. gives some great advice, defining those things will be very helpful for you in your search.

I'm an active investor & agent in Orlando, so please reach out anytime I can be of assistance to you.

I wish you great success!

@Fabian G.

I am a local realtor in the Orlando area. I am a life long Central Florida resident and know the area well. I just started my new position with National Real Estate. We are one of the largest property management companies in Central Florida and also have renovated houses with tenants in place for sale. If you are interested in something like that let me know. I am also heading up there investment/wholesale side where I will be working with investors to find buy and holds, fix and flips and anything that makes since to invest in. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

@Fabian G.

 I personally know everyone above me and can vouch that they are awesome.

That being said, I am awesome as well. I have been flipping/wholesaling/etc in Orlando for the last 7 years and am pretty familiar with our city, being born and raised here and all. Please reach out to all of us for help! I want to help you spend your money LOL.

If I was starting out as a landlord in Orlando and wanted to stay under 100k and over a 10% ROI I would be looking in Azalea Park. That is my jam right now.

Thanks for the replay, I have to check that out. What would be a sweet spot in the Orlando area for 100-140k? 

A sweet spot for $100-140K? There are a vast many places that could fit that bill...just off the top of my head I would look around UCF, azalea park, certain parts of college park can still be snatched up in that price range. If you get with a decent wholesale company or individual Realtor that knows the area I'm sure you could find many properties to choose from. Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like, I can just about always be reached on my number listed.

Good Luck and happy hunting!

Thanks to everyone. What I find hard in the Orlando area is to differentiate good deals from bad deals. After the financial crisis, there are properties all across the board. I.e. properties that were sold for $250k, then someone bought them for investment for $50k and is trying to flip it for $120k. 

That makes it hard to find a good deal for rental properties / long term investments. I want to avoid to step in a "trap" and buy a deal that looks good on the first glance but on the second glance it's in an area where prices / rents don't develop or that is in general on a downward trend. 

My minimum target are solid 7-8% ROI. As I am just starting out, I want to take caution over risk even if there is potential for a better ROI. To narrow it down further: What are a couple of good neighborhoods on the east side of Orlando or in Ocoee, Winter Garden, where that is achievable?

Thanks to all of you.

You must really love this area, Justin ;-) Thank you for your help!

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