Sanford, FL

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Any recommendations from Orlando-area locals re. Sanford?  I am looking to buy a clean 3/2 home in a neighborhood that looks good. But I am a bit put off by the crime stats in the rest of the town.  The house is on the county side, in the Celery/Daffodil area. Any feedback and advice re. buying and renting hehe are welcome. 



Hi Yuri,

I used to live in Lake Mary and have a friend now who lives in Sanford.  I'm not too familiar with Celery Ave but I do know that Sanford in general isn't the greatest area.  My buddy lives closer to Lake Mary Blvd/17-92 (closer to Lake Mary itself) which isn't nearly as bad as deeper into Sanford.

I wish I could give you more details at this time but I can ask my friend a little later today and report back if he has any further details about Celery Ave.  I don't want to turn you off from a possible good deal so hopefully someone who actually lives in the area can also chime in.



The communites itself is good but the areas around them are questionable. If you are looking to rent the property, these neighborhoods have HOA restrictions that will not allow you to rent them out after purchase for two years. There are plenty of nice areas in Sanford. I know it's been getting a lot of bad press lately. If I can help you anymore, please don't hesitate to reach out. Best of Luck!

Mike, Dan, thank you.  I am out of state for Florida, and even though I may regret this decision, I chose to turn it down.  Mainly for peace of mind.  I loved the neighborhood though.