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Hey guys,

I've been following Bigger Pockets for about a year now, listening to the podcasts and lurking the forums and am just now making my first post.  I started out wholesaling in the Tampa Bay area about a year ago and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I'd love to connect with some more investors whether you're in Hillsborough, Pinellas or Pasco, and discuss different investment strategies.  

I look forward to contributing to this forum and making some lasting connections with other RE investors in the area.



@Phil Bach welcome again! How has the wholesale business been the last year? Do you attend any REIA meet ups? TBREIA focuses a bit more than others on wholesaleing. If you ever have something East Hillsborough or Polk county feel free to reach out to me. Look forward to seeing you around BP and Tampa.

Hello Phil

Gimme a shot - there's 11 of us in my office and all we do is wholesale. We did 11 last week and just picked up some more today. Lets work together and move some properties. Tampa Bay is back!

I'm interested in buying wholesale properties in Brandon/Riverview areas.  PM me or email me your properties.  Please make sure your numbers are accurate and make sense.  I'd prefer not to waste my time or yours.  Thanks!

Hey guys, I'd be interested in wholesale properties in Tampa. I'm wanting to get into buy and hold. Just missed out on my first deal today! I'd love to see what you have available and get updates when you add properties.  

I'm also a wholesaler but I'm new to the Florida market. I started wholesaling in Kansas a few months ago then moved down here to start over again. I have a flow of properties coming in but I'm always open to JV deals. I'm up for meeting with you guys if you want to get together.

Hi Phil, I am a new investor in the Brandon/Riverview area.  I would love to hear your insights on how you've developed your niche!  

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