South Florida Real Estate Investing Meetup!

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After a long 100+ person thread about ANOTHER South Florida Real Estate Meet Up, we have an official date and time.

 we will NOT use the word or name Bigger Pockets meet up.

This will be a FREE event and located in Downtown Ft Lauderdale in the tallest and nicest building, the Las Olas River House.

This is fully sponsored and hosted by the Global Real Estate Asset Team also know as GREAT Opportunity Realty.

You can thank @Elizabeth Maille and @Yasmine Bisumber for help setting this up, and we look forward to a massive networking event, at a beautiful location.

This is a tentative announcement with a lot more information to follow.

I hope to see people from all the way up in West Palm Beach area to southern Miami attending.

Are there any more meetups or was this a one time thing?

@Alan Williams the next one is this Wednesday!

 @Nick Britton is great at coordinating these meet ups.

Are there any current real estate investor meet ups in South Florida?

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