Double lot in Avon Park, FL: Custom Home or Manufactured?

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Its been years, maybe a decade since I revisited the site but my mom mentioned she often gets calls from people looking to buy the residential property in Highlands county for years now just as well, and proposed we built something on it.

I'm more into the mediterranean and/or art deco style homes, but with materials price and the current buildup to an inevitable proxy civil war/collapse in america, dont find it worth it to start building a mansion there although the surrounding properties sure do look quite fancy.

We were thinking of going the 'customized' manufactured home route. What i like about the area is just steps away are huge clearwater ponds to swim in (the ones without aliigators?) and it gets more rain so we could grow more water loving plants there as here in Socal we are restricted to drought tolerant plants ie sallow cacti and succulents.