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To all of the FL real estate agents out there. I'm going to be taking the state licensing exam in the next few weeks and am just looking for input. How similar was it to the pre-licensing exam? Are there specific subjects you recall that were covered more than others? I took the pre-licensing course through the FL real estate institute and feel pretty confident, but thought I'd reach out to see what others thought of the exam. Any input is appreciated! 

Hi, William I haven't taken the test yet but, this link will give you what percent of questions from each subject and some other info. good luck 


Hi William,

My personal experience is that a lot of the material covered during the Pre-licensing came up during the exam. I recently wrote something related to this same topic. You are welcome to read it and PM me if you would like to share thoughts or just to talk.

5 easy steps to pass the Florida Real Estate Exam


Thanks @Matt Horton , I knew I had seen that info somewhere. Just couldn't remember exactly where. Good luck on your test as well! 

Hi @Jose Hooker glad to hear that the material on the test is what I studied in the pre-licensing course. Just read your post, good quick read. Just waiting on the dbpr to process my prints and I'll be good to go! 

I'm a licensed agent here in Florida. There was almost the full two years before I took my exam after passing the class. I couldn't remember much of anything. Many agents suggested I re-read the book and take one of those cram courses. I preferred to do it online and I found this guy. I never re-read the book either. He has tons of positive reviews. Between his tips and videos I felt very comfortable with taking the state exam. I have no affiliation with him other than a very good experience with using his site. Here's his YouTube page for the free videos. Tony Mesa Real Estate.com: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpzfPgQ8HTDVWTexrbVyoWsYAvjnnSqJz
Oh, and the best piece of advice I can give is to literally write "A B C D" on your scratch paper. Eliminate the two obvious incorrect answers and read the last two very carefully. The Pearson Vue questions are made to purposely try to trick you. For example, I had several questions about discipline and the last two possible answers came down to whether the FREC "could" or "would". So, you'd have to know that the FREC could impose a penalty since it's not always definite. I hope that makes sense. Lol

@William Givens , I forgot to mention that I watched a lot of videos in Youtube from this channel called "prep agent". I found those videos to be an excellent source of free information.

Good luck!

One more tip, visualize your self walking out of the test place with the document that states you passed the exam.

Thanks Jose and Dionne! I'll definitely be checking out those videos.  I know these types of exams always try to trick you so half the battle is recognizing those trick questions and answers.  I'll be sure to let everyone know how I do! Dionne  I'll actually be moving to the Jacksonville area soon so perhaps our paths will cross.  Thanks again guys.

I just took the exam on Monday and failed with a 71. I took the course online through career webschool and also ended up purchasing the cram course the weekend before. Honestly, the exam prep questions were COMPLETELY different from state exam. The actual text rather than the questions helped alot, the state exam seemed pretty tricky. However, they give you a print out of how many questions you get incorrect in each subject, so it helps when you are going to review. PearsonVue gives you the option to review your incorrect answers but you have to wait 21 days to re test....BEST OF LUCK TO YOU WILLIAM.

@Sade Williams That's way more common than you can imagine. And honestly, that's a REALLY good first score.  Keep in mind that the pass rate for the first time is somewhere around 55%. I believe the last stat on the DBPR site was in 2015 or so. So, it's my OPINION that if you got that close then I'd reschedule for next week. I'd get on YouTube and watch those "YouTube famous" guys that teach Florida real estate. Tony Mesa, Ron Climer, etc. They have EXCELLENT tips. Don't stretch it out or you'll forget what you know.

@William Givens I'm always up for meeting new people and learning. You may like it here. I'm a Jersey girl but I love it here. I miss the culture of New York City (plays, concerts, shows) but you can't beat the cost of living and weather down here. lol

@Sade Williams Oh and you don't have to wait 21 days to retest. You can test again in as soon as 48 hours or so. I wouldn't suggest waiting 21 days. If someone at Pearson told you 21 days I'd call them back and find out why.

@William Givens you took course at FL Real Estate Institute ... then you should be good to go! They know their stuff & prepared you well - heed their advice on the test tips they gave. Like they already told you... study their end of chapter exams from THEIR book- keep taking those tests til you score at least 80. Worry about math last - its only 10% of your score. Some tips the instructors had I remembered helped me, I can still hear him in my head now- "FOLKS!, read the last sentence 1st in all Math Questions , true or true?" Ha!  and as @Dionne Brunson mentioned... TONY MESA's videos were fantastic - His tips - Please Visit Every Other Night Dress Casually for ROI equations .. luv it! I only listened to his free ones he has on youtube and found a lot of value in those. Good Luck!

Awesome advice everyone! Hopefully I'll hear back from the dbpr today on my prints and I'll be able to test next week.  Definitely gonna be reviewing all weekend and checking out those YouTube videos.  Dionne I would love to meet up once I'm there.  NYC is cool, but just way too expensive for my taste.  I'm originally from Florida so I'm eager to get back to warm weather and beaches haha

Good luck! I just moved here from Los Angeles and am currently go through the pre-licensing while the dbpr processes my prints and application. Let us know how it goes!

@Ethan Lee

Reach out if you have questions or just want to discuss a topic


Thanks for all of the advice everyone. It paid off, I passed the exam today! Such a relief......

Congrats @William Givens , You may not want to hear this just yet, but... get moving on that post license course and get ready for more classes if you join the Board of Realtors. HA! The classes seem to never end but I can tell you that as I near the 1 year marker of getting my license the best thing I did was jump right into that post license class otherwise I would be in panic mode as I am rehabbing a home now and would have never pulled it off. 

it has been many years since I took the exam I would suggest Googling Florida exam questions you will find a lot of them online.

Thanks @Kimberly G. ! I'm definitely going to start the post licensing once I am officially employed. Would prefer start the courses sooner rather than later while the info is still fresh in my head. Hoping to be all set up with a job in the next week. 

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