Short Term Rental Cabins Lakeland, FL

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I'm trying to get some information on purchasing scenic quiet property in or around Lakeland, FL to construct small cabins for short term rentals. Any info on short term rental rules and regulations, zoning (the cabins can be basic, think glorified camping, AKA "glamping"), etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

@Kyndall Johnson , Love the idea.  Your answer will be totally dependent on the controlling municipality for the property.  If not in the city of Lakeland or a surrounding city it will be governed by Polk county.

And as your looking at getting entitlements, counties are usually much less eager for tax revenue than cities.  So a county may be cheaper to operate in.  But a city can offer you things like infrastructure, city water and sewer allowing smaller lots etc.  If the tract is next to a city approach them with annexation.

Just did a subdivision like that in the midwest.  The county said 60 residential lots max.  We annexed into an adjoining city and gained another 180 buildable lots.

Lakeland, FL does not currently have any regulations for short term rentals from what I've been told by city officials. However there may be taxes to be paid related to rental properties in this area

@Kyndall Johnson thanks for the updated info.  I would love to continue to heard how this goes.  

Recently I was told if you have a hotel license and you do a daily rental you can have the police remove someone same day and avoid the eviction process.  This might be worth looking into/thinking about.  

What a potential complete waste of time and energy.   And why beat, depressing, old Lakeland?   (note: I was born at Lakeland Gen. and graduated high school in Lkld.) 

Get off the construction kick as first of all, Construction Loans are far and few between and second, there are too many opportunities on normal properties with 85% LTV rental / investment loans.

I have not explored it further, but I am continuing to look into the Lakeland market for deals. Potentially leasing property for the cash flow income on the short term rental cabins has been suggested. I don’t know what the details would look like on that. I’d be interested to hear from anyone that has done something similar.