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Hi fellow investors!  My husband and I got serious about flipping the end of last year. I got my real estate license and we got busy looking for deals. My experience was that finding properties that we could make a profit on were slim. I would put together my numbers based on comps and estimates, and then set a price we were willing to pay. Specifically auctions, the houses would go for way more than I felt fit into a rehab budget. I am surprised by how much more people were willing to pay and wondered how they would make any money.  I quickly got frustrated and we walked away from our dream of flipping.  I am a interior designer as well, so we started a curb appeal design business instead. That business is doing fine, but we still have the itch to flip houses.  I just wanted to get other flippers opinions on flipping houses in this area and if they feel there are still deals to be found here?

@Shannon Grierson . I am primary a landlord, and I have bought my properties cheaply and forced appreciation by improvements. I have also been doing one flip at a time for the past 5 years. I sold my last flip in July and have not been able to find another. the mls has nothing, and my wholesale connections are out of their minds, arv wise. I have seen some stuff come up that are partially done, looks like investors got in too deep and are trying to bail. be patient and keep looking. I'm stacking my chips and waiting until I can make some money cleaning up other people's messes. keep abreast of the market. I have made the mistake of buying just to buy something, beware that tendency, it never has a happy outcome.

thank you for your feedback... I agree about the wholesalers... I am not seeing properties that need to be done and feel they are asking too much.  I just wonder if this area is tapped out and maybe too much competition?  I am interested in holding properties and renting them, but we wanted to flip some first. Our goal was to flip 3 hold 1, flip 3 hold 1.... but I feel so disappointed finding a deal.... we are very good at rehab so we aren't afraid of properties in bad shape. We live in Clearwater so we want our flips to be close to us for a while.

What Broker are you with?

Hey Shannon, 

I just PM'd you regarding the value I bring to the table when dealing with off-market real estate. If anyone is in the same boat as Shannon, please reach out to me. I can be very helpful and point you in the right direction if it is something I am unfamiliar with. 

My network has grown exponentially in the past year, so what ever you need I have it or have the means to find it. 


Off of this topic but I am interested in your Curb appeal business.  I will send you a pm.  Glad you posted!  

Hi Shannon, 

I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to find any properties that you were able to flip. 

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