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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend! I'm looking to build a team in Jacksonville and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for an investor-friendly realtor/broker and property manager? Particularly those who specialize in multifamily properties. Would love to hear some suggestions and any other advice you may have. Thank you!

@Snehann Kapnadak I am not your person for multifamily. I would not look at any multifamily unless it was an entire complex. My experience with duplexes is that the people above dont like the people below and the people below make too much noise for the upstairs people, its always something. I could rent out SFH like giving candy to babies, but I always had a hard time getting apartment rentals. If I owned multifamily now, I would hire a service to rent it, manage it and deal with it. A SFH, to me is so much easier. My 2 cents. There are a bunch of good people to partner with at the local REIA events on MF, if you wish to pursue that direction.

@Jack Bobeck Thanks for your insight! Yes actually I'm looking at a few units larger than duplexes, maybe around 8-10 units. I agree with your point about renting and managing the property--this is something I would definitely want to do.

@Snehann Kapnadak A 281 unit complex recently sold for just over $50,000 per door. I have seen 6 plexes advertised for $299k, so that rate of 50k per door seems to be the going rate, at the moment here in Jax. Good luck. 


My broker is a wiz when it comes to commercial investment. If you are looking to invest in Jax, I would love to introduce you two. In our deals we have done together, it is somewhat of a "brain and braun" dynamic, with me being the braun, that we use to cater to our clients needs. There are a few property management companies that I can recommend depending on your specific criteria. Feel free to PM me if you feel I can be a resource for you.


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