Small multifamily agents in the east central florida area?

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A very good morning to all, I am seeking an agent here in the Volusia/Flagler counties of Florida. My husband and I are pre approved through FHA financing and want to begin the search for our first property, a duplex. I wanted to reach out on bigger pockets hoping I can meet some professionals in or around our area that can talk with us or provide any recommendations!

Charisse & Calvin 

Hi Charisse. I just wanted to give you a heads up about finding a place with FHA financing. The majority of owners I work with do not accept FHA. It might be hard to find a property with that.

By curiosity, how much were you approved for? I live in between Miami and Orlando. I can send you some listings if you'd like to see what's in the market with FHA.

Your best bet for a duplex is in Palm Coast just because there are a lot of them.  I have a great agent I'm working with here in Ormond, but he will go anywhere in Volusia County and beyond. PM me and I can give you his name and number.  Also, we can chat.. I'm also looking for rental properties in Volusia county.

@Kristin Kiddy Thank you for the suggestion, I just sent you a PM.

Thank you for the warm welcome @Jay Helms I'm defiantly excited to jump in and house hack. Since you have been down this road, I may ask What method of 

analyzing a potential deal on a duplex has worked more efficiently for you? I have been practicing with the 2% rule as if both sides were occupied (not by me).

@Orita Issartel I actually do not intend to relocate outside of Volusia/Flagler, at least for our first investment since we will be house hacking.

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