I need help! Seeking skills and knowledge to go all in!

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*FLORIDA* Hello everyone my name is Paul. I am fairly new to the real estate business. I own 1 rental property and have 1 year experience working for a commercial property manager. Currently I have completed a FL real estate coarse and will be taking the state exam in the near future. I am HOOKED on real estate! I listen to a lot of podcasts and read books to try to soak up as much information as I can. I focus on having the mindset of a winner. I have family members that are deep into investing and selling real estate they just live 1000 miles from me and are very busy with their business so I can't be hands on with them. I am currently in between jobs due to a bad car accident and have a decent amount of savings so I am looking for anyone who lives or works around me in Florida (Palm Beach, Martin, or St Lucie counties) who may need some help in their business, another person on their team, or wouldn't mind giving back by having a young enthusiastic guy like myself go under their wing. If it's just one day a week, a few hours a week, or even a lunch date if all else fails this post will be worth it! I am willing to knock on doors, make phone calls, do whatever I have to do to grow. I will work for free if I have to. I am just trying to gain the knowledge skills necessary to be successful. Wholesaling is originally what got me interested in real estate but I know that even though there are many different ways to make money in real estate, many of the same skills are required for each avenue and that is what I am trying to gain. I am not looking for a job necessarily just simply trying to learn as much as I can and get my foot in the door a little more. *Note I am not trying to steal any deals or systems just trying to get better at estimating rehab costs, running comps, marketing, gain contacts, learn creative financing, ect. My goals for the next few years are to become a licensed agent, sell properties, use my license to find deals for fix and flips or BRRRR's, build a network, do some wholesaling, expand my rental portfolio and eventually syndicate a 50+ unit multi family property (my cousin is in the process of a syndication and is a huge inspiration for me). Ultimately I would like to be a full time entrepreneur that provides the life that my soon to be fiance and future family deserve. Please reach out to me I am willing to work for free. I have reliable transportation, a college degree, a computer, and a drive to achieve my dreams. Thank you. Also anyone from out of the area that has any input or advice please feel free to do so.

@Paul Tibok if you are willing to do some research here in my market to bird dog the deals I am happy to partner up with you. Send me a PM and we can discuss how that can be done from a distance. I work with other out of state wholesalers and we do pretty well. 

I don't think I can help you, but I commend your enthusiasm.  Good luck!

@Joe Norman thank you.  Things will fall into place I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other!

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