Throw in the 68 Camaro, Flats Boat and We Got A Deal!

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Anyone ever seen this in a purchase deal?  My Gosh, you walk into a property and see a salt water aquarium, boat, a classic car, lawn equipment, kayaks, jet skies, furniture, just about anything is negotiable and can be included in the purchase! 

You get down to the final stages of negotiations and the seller won't budge anymore, tell the seller..."Okay, throw in the 68 SS Camaro, the leather couches, the lawn tractor, the 200 gallon salt water tank (WITH ALL 14 FISH) and we got a deal!"    

On the loan side, just be careful that the Sales Contract doesn't look as if what is generally called "Chattel" (an item of property other than real estate) is part of the sales price/ value of the real estate.

Realtors will write something in the contract like"Personal Items to be left at the property" in front of the list of items. 

Only if the Camaro had the 396 with the 4 speed 

396  with 400 transmission and 4:10 gear rear pushing deep dish Corvette rally Wheels with three swept prong cross Flags Center pieces with original 8 pack SS hood and D90 stripe over nose and down the side would work too!

I wouldn't give up my Camaro but I gave up my Key West flats boat in the deal as well as the home security video and home sound system and furniture.

A lot of sellers are willing to give up all kinds of things to make the deal work not just in sales price

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