Fort Myers A/C Technician needed

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Anybody knows a good A/C Technician that can work side jobs in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral or Bonita Springs FL areas?

What kind of side jobs are you looking to get done.... Residential or commercial? 

Residential, thanks


I have a guy that I have been using for my AmeriDry projects. I will send you his info. He has good pricing and the quality of work is good also.



Here is what to do, but don't be cheap as your peace of mind is worth 10 times the below costs. We all know that helpless, at the mercy, feeling when an AC unit goes out.  

1. At closing or after closing, buy a home warranty.  You can work the "you know what" out of them!  Those home warranty companies make millions from homeowners that buy warranties and don't use them or forget they have them.  BUT, I had a borrower one time in Ft. Lauderdale area who bought one for $700 and filled $51,000 worth of arguably legit repairs per the warranty on a home he was renovating anyway.   The sub-contractors don't care, they want there to be issues so they can fix the issue and bill the warranty company.   

2.  Contact an A/C person that is NOT local to be your A/C "Consultant."   Work out a "consultant" fee in advance with a technician to run all repair / replacement questions by them for the best advice.  It's like having a brother in the ac business watching out for you and telling you the questions to ask and what to do, etc.

3.  Make an anonymous call to the A/C Companies you're considering  in advance and tell the receptionists that they're company a potential target of a local news station for a coming up special on Area A/C Rip Off companies.   Ha   JOKING!!   But wonder how well it would work? 

I use The Mackey Team A/C & Heating and have found them to be down to earth and reasonably priced. They don't try and kill you with pricing but rather invest in nurturing a long-term relationship. I inherited them with a 5-plex I purchased in Cape Coral. I liked them so much I gave them two other properties where they'd be my go-to a/c support. You can get Tom on either (239)910-0487 or 462-6571. If you connect let him know I referred you!

Regards, Clive

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