Jacksonville property managers and contractors?

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I am a new investor who lives in Los Angeles looking to purchase my first property. Any property management and contractor referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

Thanks Rich! Yep, I’ve already reached out to Mark. 

All all I got to say is don't skimp in trying to find the cheapest contractor or the cheapest property manager.

Also find one that will agree to start the eviction process the first time rent is past due more than 5 days.

This sends a message that you are not going to put up with late rent and generally will only need to happen one time to get your point across.

Florida is a transient state so it's fairly easy to get deadbeat renters out of your property.

However if you prequalify your potential renters the right way you can avoid bad situations.

Have the Property Management Company take a look inside the potential renter's car when they arrive to see the property, if it's a pigsty and they smoke (even if they say they will smoke outside), and most especially if they're also a Credit Criminal do not rent to them.

But, do not turn away people who have recently gone through bankruptcy or a foreclosure or short sale who are trying to reestablish, because they can be some of the best longer-term renters out there right now.

@Steve McRory , thanks for the info, especially the checking out the car tip - much appreciated. 

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