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I am new to everything and doing my best to learn. We are located in South FL and our offer on a single family primary residence was accepted, yay. My lender suggested hiring a title attorney, and my realtor says I don't need one in S. FL it will be a waste of $.

Since I am a super newb, I am also now confused and not sure what to do. Can someone tell me what is more common to do here in S. FL 

Thank you :)

Contact me and I'll help you

@Maya W. because of the great I-95 migration many business practices of NY/CT have made their way to the east coast of FL and in particular Ft Lauderdale and Boca/palm beach etc.

One of these practices is that of attorney representation and attorney closings.  However this is only practiced in very few parts of the country and a very few parts of the state.  The vast majority of closings are handled by a licensed title company.

If your transaction is problematic at all then by all means you'll want legal representation.  But for a standard real estate closing most will simply use a title company.  A reputable real estate firm near you can give you some good recommendations.

Everybody I know here in Palm Beach County uses title companies for their transactions.

I ditto the title company comments. "Should" be all you need. (Of course, this is not intended as legal advice.) ;-) 

If you are purchasing with a reputable realtor, a title company should be all you need.  I would consult an attorney on any for sale by owner transactions.

Thank you all. you've helped a lot!

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